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spero® makes every dish better!

best tasting

comes in 8

creamy flavors

real food

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& antioxidants for

gut health

saves water

saves water & air vs cashew/almond/dairy

Holidays are a time to spend with our loved ones, accompanied by the joys of shared delicious food, and let’s be honest, indulging in our seasonal sweet treats. However, this holiday season, we’re experiencing a major cream cheese shortage causing countless families to forego their favorite desserts! But have no fear, Spero®, this major plant-based dairy brand, doesn’t want you or anyone else to go without your coveted sweets this season! Rest assured, there is no shortage of Spero®’s blissful Sunflower® Cream Cheese!

spero® will donate $5 to charity if you make holiday cheesecake with spero® Sunflower® Cream Cheese*

How to participate:

1. Before 12/31/21, post an image and/or story on Instagram of the creation: a Sunflower® Cream Cheese cheesecake (pops, minis, or other variations are welcome!) and the Spero® tub 

2. tag @sperofoods and 

3. hashtag #sperocheesecake#creamcheeseshortage

*limit to $1k donated per Spero®'s listed holiday charities!



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