not eggs. better than eggs.



not eggs. better than eggs.

cooks differently so learn how!

plant-based, keto-friendly, allergy-friendly 

plant-based, keto-friendly, allergy-friendly 

one product. endless uses.

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do not stir Pepita Egg in pan. move occasionally.

wait at least 5-7 minutes before touching

works best when using lid on top of pan

  • Remember, Pspita Egg takes longer to solidify than eggs.
  • If your Pepita Egg was frozen, thaw 18-24 hours in refrigerator before using. Consume within 5 days of it being thawed.

cook it

low heat (4/10) nonstick pan with oil

shake it 

pour it 

let sit 5-6 min. (wait for color change on edges)

when edges are solid, then scramble 3-4 times OR, flip for omelet



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