Organic Sunflower Seeds:
This stunning ingredient is packed with vitamin E, magnesium, protein, & healthy fats that help prevent disease, lower inflammation, & basically give you superpowers.

…plus it magically transforms into the most FREAKING DELICIOUS CHEESE in the world!

The QUEEN of the elements. Our source of life. H2O makes your skin glow, gut happy, & energy poppin'! Drink up.

Coconut Oil:
Basically the nectar of the GODDESSES. Coconut oil contains healthy fatty acids that boost energy, keep your heart healthy, brain sharp, and hair, skin, & nails gorgeous.

Another rock-in' element. ;) Salt helps keep your thyroid balanced, body hydrated, and blood pressure leveled. Plus, it boosts flavors to make them extra mouth-watering. YUM.

We use special blends of herbs & spices made from plants & plants only. They make our cheeses extra bold and extra delicious.

*So what are Natural Flavors? In our cheeses, they're pretty simple. See above. No top-8 allergens, no artificial flavors, no BS.

Probiotic Cultures:
Probiotic cultures are made up of magical little bacteria (the good kind!) that make your belly happy & healthy. Plus, they help keep you from getting sick. Aaahmazing.



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