plant-based dairy tech 

affordable. accessible.

available everywhere, to everyone.

pending-patended technology

Spero owns exclusive rights to the technology needed to transform seeds into dairy alternatives. Not only does our patent cover novel processing techniques for cheeses, but it’s comprehensive for all dairy alternatives, including milk, creamers, yogurt, and even eggs.

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Of the fastest-growing food movements is plant-based dairy, driven by people who want affordable, delicious plant-based food. And by people who want familiarity and comfort in their ingredients. This is a multi-billion dollar gap in the market that Spero fills today.

the greatest threat

to our planet

is the belief

that someone else will save it

-Robert Swan

‘The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it’-- that it’s someone else’s responsibility. But it is mine. It’s yours. It’s all of ours. Our efforts to solve this are accretive and our progress is compounding. There is a better future that exists only because we didn’t give up now-- a future us who is grateful we believed in this dream.
Spero is building the world’s largest dairy company, feeding and healing the world, continuously at the precipice of novel technology and advancements, to profoundly shift the way we eat, feel, and connect with our food. At Spero, we employ pending-patended technology to transform low-cost, healthy ingredients into plant-based dairy. We’re the only company scaling the world’s first mainstream dairy alternatives: delicious, affordable, and available to everyone, everywhere.

the genesis

Spero was founded by a female scientist who questioned the way an industry was growing, determined to lead it to somewhere better-- somewhere that provides massive scale and opportunity. Educated in engineering and science at Cornell University and graduating with honors, she launched her career in engineering at Facebook, Goldman Sachs, and various startups, all while developing novel technology to create dairy from low-cost ingredients, like seeds.

She's an acclaimed artist, All-American athlete, and has even set records at Facebook engineering, earning her department's highest-ever recognition. She's placed at numerous pitch competitions, including Web Summit, Forbes 30 Under 30, Worldz, and more. She's a selected speaker at Cornell, Dartmouth, Future Food-Tech, Berkeley Haas, and more.

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