Kimchi Toast

kimchi toast

savory, acidic, & creamy. 

serves 2.


  • TOAST: 2 slices, your choice. We love a multigrain or sourdough! 
  • Spero Sunflower™ Cream Cheese: ¼ tub, we love using The Original or any savory flavor  :D 
  • SCALLIONS: 2 tbsp, more for garnish!
  • KIMCHI: ⅓ cup
  • CILANTRO: to garnish


  1. MIX Spero Sunflower™ Cream Cheese & scallions. 
  2. SPREAD thickly (the cheesier the better!) onto toast. 
  3. TOP w/ kimchi & garnish with extra scallions & cilantro leaves. 
  4. INDULGE in your new fave ohhh-so-satisfying, savory toast!

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